Paula Abdul Talks About ‘Boombox’ With Johnjay And Rich

was on the phone with Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix on Wednesday (January 7) to promote her MTV show ‘RAW’. They talked about how she makes news whenever she does anything, how people want to hear drama, how ‘RAW’ may become an annual event, ‘American Idol’ starting up again, her belief that ‘Nip/Tuck’ has become “very strange” in the last couple seasons, wanting to do a talk show but denying reports that she’s signed on to do one later this year, and Justin Guarini being in ‘Gone Country’.

They then moved on to her new song ‘Boombox’, a cover of a Kylie Minogue release. The DJs had a copy of the song, but Paula didn’t want them to play it yet since it’s not supposed to come out for a couple weeks. They played about 45 seconds of the song, and they were convinced it was a hit. Paula wouldn’t reveal details of its music video, and though they talked about the song and its video for several minutes, Abdul never mentioned it was a Kylie cover, no doubt angering the Australian pop star’s fans.

The interview, and the ‘Boombox’ snippet 11 minutes in, at has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Paula Abdul Talks About ‘Boombox’ With Johnjay And Rich

  1. Emily says:

    Why should she have mentioned it was a Kylie cover? I don’t think it matters at all. Paula’s version sounds like Paula Abdul. Kylie’s like Kylie. so who cares? And Kylie has tried 20 years to break in the US- why would she suddenly do it Now, with that godawful remix of Boombox? obviously, I prefer Paula’s version.

  2. hey says:

    I could be wrong… but wasn’t Boombox originally written for Paula? for her 1999-2000 comeback which never happened (and she’s probably glad now it didn’t, since had it happened, she obviously wouldn’t have signed on for American idol in 2001). And then when Paula couldn’t make an album in ca 2000- the song went to Kylie instead. I remember reading something about that… I could be wrong of course. But if I’m right, that means Paula now just takes back a song that was originally hers.

  3. LesTer. says:

    I agree… and it does have Paula’s signature style all over it! Paula has always been and will always be Pop with the Funk edge. The video is going to be dance dance dance, Paula!!! She and her many hot dancers are gonna be booty-poppin’ and Paula as always, having that natural, effortless and carefree sex-appeal. How we Cuban Americans… ‘Dale, Paula!!!!’ ;)

    BOOMBOX is a great comeback, the video will add the icing to the cake and her album with the 2nd CD having her HITS re-mastered 2009 style, will be the pivotal movement for Paula… as she always was, FOREVER OUR GIRL!


  4. Luke says:

    Haha…this ‘single’ never eventuated.
    Instead now she is about to release “Here for the music”

    Yet ANOTHER unreleased Kylie Minogue recording.

    Sorry – strike one – strike two

    What’s the bet she’ll have a strike three soon and do a cover of “I should be so lucky”?

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