Paulina Rubio From Viña Del Mar 2005

Paulina Rubio 'Paulatina'

Contributed Anonymously:

attended the Festival of Viña Del Mar 2005 in Chile. Paulina was the grand opening act for the night, and what an amazing performances she had. She sang manny of her great songs here is the list, Algo Tienes, Lo Haré Por Ti, Sexi Dance, My Friend, Mi Amigo, Yo No Soy Esa Mujer, Baila Casanova, Todo Mi Amor, Perros, Mío, Sabor A Miel, El Último Adiós, Te Quise Tanto, Y Yo Sigo Aquí and after the crowed cheered for another song she came back and closed with Dame Otro Tequila. She was awarded with a silver torch witch she very much deserved for all her hard work, and input she has had.

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One thought on “Paulina Rubio From Viña Del Mar 2005

  1. Mehrunisa says:

    Quote : “what an amazing performances she had…” OMG did you actually watched the clips???? You must be a hard core fan to ignore the fact that her vocals are non existent, she sang off key and her performance is terrible. The media slammed her for this poor performance and rightly so. I think they gave her the award anyway because they felt embarrassed for inviting her.

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