Paulina Rubio On Projects, Fellow Artists & Romance

Contributed Anonymously:

Paulina Rubio made radio appearance at Y-100 Miami and talked about new projects, music stars and other subjects

On new projects:
“There are many surprises coming up with Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin, I don’t want to talk about it yet but I guarantee it’s gonna be a big surprise”. “The Latin boom is coming back!”.

“I’m working right now on a new english record with The Neptunes, P. Diddy and other great producers”.

Thoughts on other pop artists

“I’m really tired of Janet Jackson’s boob, we are making a big deal from something so small, Europeans are probably laughing at us right now. Plus this won’t hurt Janet because her career is solid enough to handle it”.

“I loved meeting Hilary Duff at the Grammys, she is a sweethart and very innocent”. “She looks very womanly to be her age”

“They have compared me to Madonna for years, but I see myself totally different to her”. “I admire her personality and how she reinvents herself all the time”

“Kylie Minogue is amazing!. She is talented, sexy, fashion and charismatic”. “I love her electronic eurodance stuff”.

“I have always say that I’m a big fan of Christina Aguilera. She has the talent, so she can take any risks she wants.. and she is latina”

“Britney is also very talented, but in another way. She makes catchy music that stays in your head for years”

“Let me say that Ronan Keating is the best!, He is my friend and working with him was great”. “We made a duet called ‘When Yoy Say Nothing At All’. We had the best time while shooting the video in London”. “It was a honor to work with someone so talented in my first duet”.

“Shakira is also my friend. She has the ability to write music”. “If I had to choose from all the latin female singers from this generation it will be Shakira”. “I don’t know about making a duet with her, we never know”.

On personal life

“Love is an essential part in life. That’s why all my music is about love and its derivates and my lyrics are all biographical”

“I live a normal life. When I’m not working, I go the beach, do some yoga, read a book. I like to read Roman and Greek mythology”

“Men are men and women are women. I mean, we are different”. “If men let women rule this world it will become much better, more peace and less wars”

“I don’t like to talk about my personal life. If you want to know if I broke with my boyfriend, just listen to my songs and you’ll find the answer there”.

“Cris Judd is working for me, I’m starting to dance much better. I love him and he knows how to treat women, he is gentleman”. “He always talks about Jennifer (Lopez), and how he admires her as person”.

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