Paulina Rubio Strikes Back At Thalia

Contributed anonymously:

After crashing in Thalia’s album launch party, and stealing all the attention from her former pal and which was entitled “a slap in the face,” strikes back at who said on a TV show that Paulina tried to stole her show and that she would never crash into other singers album releases, saying “I attended her party because her people invited me, and I though it was cool to support her”… “but now I see she is not as cool as she seems”… “or maybe she is mad because both of my single and album are at number one in Billboard”…”if she got so ofended with my presence, I apologize right now.”

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2 thoughts on “Paulina Rubio Strikes Back At Thalia

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I would like to know what charts she’s looking at because her single is at #5 on the Hot Latin Singles chart, and her album is not on there, possibly because it just came out Tuesday, Paulina should outsell her though, oh and Thali you’re at #5 after 7 weeks, and just last week you were at #10, meanwhile Paulina’s second week on the singles charts put her at #12, so she’s poised to knock you out by next week.

    Oops, I read that wrong, that was Pau that said that, I’m disappointed.

  2. vanessa says:

    If I had to choose I would be on Paulina Rubio’s side because I think I would THe same

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