Pay-To-Post Plan Leaves Enrique Forum Fans Furious

Fans on Enrique Iglesias’ official forum are seething in rage after an announcement was posted today that the forum will be part of the singer’s newly revamped website that requires members to pay a fee to use a chat room and to post photos in the forums. kittenred moaned, “Have [to] pay out money to be this man’s fan. Talk about the rich getting richer. Oh well I guess it is all about the almighty buck uh.” enriK added, “This is really pissing me off. How about making this site better, for free. It’s been a half-assed site and offers very little info. There is no reason we should pay for information that is going to help us support Enrique. Loyal fans like the ones who come to this board should be given a chance to pre-order tickets in thanks for their undying support. Really disgusting. I’m shocked Enrique is supporting this.”

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One thought on “Pay-To-Post Plan Leaves Enrique Forum Fans Furious

  1. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Bad move. Only someone beyond huge like, say Madonna, could possibly get away with something like that.

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