People Magazine’s ’25 Most Intriguing of 2001′

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Madonna and Mariah Carey were the only pop stars chosen as the top 25. (Mariah’s ‘Glitter’ was also chosen as one of the worst movies of this year.) But other pop star names appeared elsewhere in the issue.

Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Mark Anthony were among the picks for Best of Song.

O-Town, Jessica Simpson, Tyrese and Enrique Iglesias were chosen as Worst of Song.

‘A Mother’s Gift’ written by Britney Spears and her mother was among the picks for Worst of Pages.

Check out the issue to see the other intriguing people and see who celebs picked as best of song, tube, screen and pages.

Gwynny Turns To Madge For Therapy

December 19, 2001 – Gwyneth Paltrow tells USA Weekend that in wake of the attacks on September 11, she’s turned to pal Madonna for support revealing, “She’s like an older sister to me. Anything I’ve been through, she’s been through 10 times worse, 10 times more and 10 times longer. She gives me great advice about saying no and taking care of myself.”

Lourdes Was Jealous Of Guy

December 19, 2001 – Madonna was on the Today show and revealed that when she first got together with husband Guy Ritchie, her daughter Lourdes was jealous. Said Madge, “I think she was jealous at first – quite competitive. More with Guy because she did have me to herself and she was like ‘Who is this stranger walking into my life?’ She sort of refused to speak to him at first. But Guy played it right. He is really, really good with her.”

Madonna Blasted By Builders

December 15, 2001 – The Sun reports following Madonna’s comments on MSN about British workmen working on her house being lazy, Martin Hughes, of the Construction Confederation blasted her comments as rubbish. Martin added, “In Britain, we follow European directives on working time to the letter. It is against the law to work the hours and the days that Madonna suggests. Making builders work long hours is potentially dangerous.”

Madonna Justifies Shooting Of Duck

December 14, 2001 – Madonna chatted with MSN with fans and was asked about her controversy with shooting ducks for sport with husband Guy Ritchie. Madonna responded, “Everyone says I’ve gotten flack, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t. I’m not a vegetarian. Someone has to shoot the chickens you eat. Everyone seems to be cut off from the fact that the meat you eat is killed. I think when you shoot a bird and are involved with the whole process, you have more respect for it. I could see where people who are vegetarian would have a problem with it, but I don’t and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I wear leather shoes and eat duck. At least I’m taking responsibility for it.”

Madonna Chats On MSN In Mere Hours

December 12, 2001 – Madonna will be chatting on MSN a few hours from now as fans can chat with the singer Wednesday, December 12 at noon ET/9AM PT. A little early but since she’s in the UK, that’s the way it’s gotta be. You can check out more and send Madonna questions at This same page should have the transcript to the chat a few hours after it concludes.

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