Pepsi Sends Britney Spears List Of No-No Drinks

Y100 reports Pepsi was so upset following photographs of drinking Coke and Sunkist that they’ve sent her a list of soft drinks she’s not allowed to drink while under contract. Anything made by Cadbury or Schweppes and absolutely no Coke.

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2 thoughts on “Pepsi Sends Britney Spears List Of No-No Drinks

  1. Brentwood__Babe says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me! She gets paid millions to do a few commercials for Pepsi, yet she’s always seen with a COKE. What a selfish little airhead. I would be so grateful for the pay, I’d BATHE in Pepsi for a year, let alone drink it! She sounds like a thankless little *****.

  2. Daph says:

    And people say that Christina Aguilera is a Britney Spears wannabe…!

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