Hilary Duff On Rushing To Events & Her Fan Support

Hilary Duff asked if she needs any makeup when arriving at MTV 'TRL' in Milan, ItalyWebisode 4 of Pepsi Smash Track featuring follows the singer on a visit to ‘TRL’ in Milan, Italy to premiere ‘With Love’. The pop singer talked about getting to ‘TRL’ in the nick of time and the support she received at the appearance, which saw thousands in the streets to greet her.

“So we’re leaving ‘CD Live’ and we’re already pretty behind schedule,” Duff said setting the scene. “We need to get to ‘TRL’. There’s always a little bit of traffic and we’re like winding through, trying to get there, and there’s fans waiting out front and I’m getting touched up right when we get there and it’s pretty hectic. We made it in like 30 seconds. The clapping had started already when I walk in. They’re like, ‘C’mon, you’re on now!'”

Hilary Duff talks about her experience in Italy, greeted by thousands of fans for a 'TRL' and 'CD Live' appearance“At MTV, it was so exciting to see so many people in the piazza. I didn’t think it was for me. I have this weird thing all the time where I’m like oh my God, no one is gonna show up or I don’t know, it’s like an insecurity. The host of ‘TRL’, he’s really nice, and he was like yeah, they’re all here for you. I went out and waved and they’d just scream and they’re so excited and it’s such a wonderful feeling and I love doing things like that where you get to feel the the live energy of all the people.”

“The fans from the piazza all go to where the car is and leaving you have to go that way, and so you see all the fans. It’s really exciting for me, just because I love that, but it’s hard for everybody else. Ryan, my security guard, he’s always saying, ‘Get in the car. It’s so dangerous’. It totally freaks everybody out, and the cops are having to hold the barricades back or make a chain with their arms.”

Watch the clip below.

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