Hilary Duff Shops At Topshop & Performs On ‘Loose Women’

Hilary Duff talks about her visit to London, which included a Topshop shopping trip and a performance on 'Loose Women' with a band she'd just metWebisode 6 of Pepsi Smash Track features bringing her promo tour to London, where the singer did some shopping at Topshop with her dancers before making an appearance on ‘Loose Women’.

“Being in London is a little bit easier because everybody speaks English,” the world traveller said. “I love being in London. The weather is beautiful. It’s just nice to be here. I have a couple of hours off in London, and it’s exciting. I want to fit in some quick shopping, and Topshop is a really great store. They took us around the store and found all the sizes. We could just sit and say we like that and that, and Topshop is such a busy store, just crazy in there. There was some specific things that I was looking for like some shorts and just cute things to perform in if I wanted to have some extra clothes. I was really excited the dancers could come along to Topshop and pick out their clothes and stuff. I don’t know them that well yet, I just met them really, so getting to have some time in the dressing room with them is nice. They’re really, really sweet girls.”

“‘Loose Women’ is a really funny show actually,” she said about the chat show appearance. “They talk about serious things, but it’s kind of like the equivalent to ‘The View’ in America. It just felt really good to be there with the band and sing the song and sing it for people and just know that not too long before that we just met each other and they had to learn the music and we had such little time to rehearse. It came together so quickly and it went really smooth, so I was very happy.”

Watch it below.

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