Hilary Duff Gets A Choreography Crash Course

Hilary Duff backstage before a show in London after getting a quick course in new choreographyWebisode 7 of Pepsi Smash Track features rehearsing ‘With Love’ with her dancers in London and talking about her excitement to perform a show for the first time in awhile, as well as having to learn new choreography on the fly.

“So tonight is very very exciting,” Duff enthused. “This is the first time that we’re performing other songs besides ‘With Love’, and it’s at a club in London. The choreographer that we met was really sweet and she was basically just showing me some things that I could do because they brought in these dancers for the show. I’m a little nervous to learn so fast how this is going to work out with the dancers and what place I should be here and there. It’s like choreography all over again but totally different than what I learned in LA.”

Before performing, Duff confessed, “I was pretty nervous, because I haven’t done shows in awhile, but excited at the same time and I’m ready. I think I’m ready to do it and I think it’s gonna be fun.”

Watch it below.

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