Hilary Duff Discusses Airports, Taking Time For Fans

Hilary Duff being driven to the airport and talking about how nasty it is to have to remove your shoes for security if you don't have socks onWebisode 2 of Pepsi Smash Track with features the singer headed to the airport on her way to promote ‘With Love’ in Milan, Italy. Upon arriving at her hotel, Duff came out to sign autographs for fans and pose for pictures.

Talking about her habits at the airport, Duff said, “It’s always scary for me, driving to the airport, because I remember everything that I had forgotten. I’m kind of crazy when it comes to packing and I guess I want to be organized and know where things are, so at the airport, I’m definitely the one who has got their bag opened and digging things out that I think I’m doing to need on the plane or putting things in that I can’t take on the plane, because you forget.”

Hilary Duff talks about arriving in Milan and her love for Italy and its energy, people and food“I’ve been to Italy many times before and I really, really like it,” Duff said about the country she was visiting. “The energy is great, and the people are great. The food is great, but arriving at the airport is always kind of hectic, so we arrived in Milan and we have to go straight to the hotel and start getting ready right away. There’s fans waiting already at the hotel, which is such a nice feeling, but you’re in such a rush. I kind of just had to tell them I’ve got to go get ready first, then I’ll come back down and see you guys.”

Watch the segment below.

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