Morning Shows Are Kinda Scary For JoJo

Pop singer JoJo talks about doing a television appearance to promote her new album 'The High Road'Pepsi Smash’s Track Episode 1 follows Joanna “” Levesque on October 17th, the day she released her new album ‘The High Road’, getting up early to perform on ‘Today’. The teen pop singer talked about the importance of the ‘Today’ show appearance, difficulties she has doing morning shows, and putting pressure on herself.

Talking about the NBC program opportunity, JoJo said, “Today is really important, and especially doing the ‘Today’ show, I’ve never done it before. It reaches a huge audience.”

Singer JoJo wears a black and while dotted dress to her 'Today' show performance“I’m excited, nervous anxious, a lot of different emotions,” JoJo said when arriving at the ‘Today’ studio in New York City. “Morning shows are always especially nerve-wracking for me, because it takes awhile for your vocal chords to get warmed up, and it takes awhile for me to feel comfortable, because I still have a lot of jitters and a lot of nerves, so morning shows are kinda scary. My whole family watches it, so it’s a big deal. I’m very excited.”

“There’s a lot of pressure, more so the pressure that I put on myself. I’m my biggest critic and I want to make sure that I do the best job that I can,” JoJo said. Afterward, she revealed that she forgot some of the words towards the end.

Watch the feature below.

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