Pink And Carey Hart Discuss Their Relationship

Pop singer Pink is interviewed about her husband Carey Hart attending her concertsPepsi Smash’s Track – Episode 6 features getting ready for a gig in Las Vegas, where her hubby Carey Hart was in attendance. The couple talked about how they make their relationship work while they are away from each other on the road.

“We are playing Vegas at the Beach at Mandalay Bay. It’s actually on a beach and the stage is in a pool,” said describing the venue, which will be attended by her husband Carey Hart. “Carey has been to a lot of my shows. It’s cute and he’s really proud of me, the same way I am with him when I watch him do his thing. Of course I’m a lot more nervous when he’s flying through the air on a dirtbike than he is probably dance around on stage. I guess it’s sort of what makes our relationship healthy. We’ve both been on tour the whole time the entire five years that we’ve been together. There will come a time in our life I’m sure where we’re together all the time and one of us is begging the other to go back on tour. For now it works.”

Carey Hart talks about his wife Pink being a great live performerFor his part, Carey said, “I love watching her perform live. I think it’s the most comfortable place that she is anywhere in existence, on stage performing. She’s amazing live. I’m not partial because she’s my wife, but she’s seriously amazing live.”

But isn’t really buying her man’s support. “It doesn’t matter how bad I suck, I go ‘Carey, how was it?’ ‘So good baby! So good!’ I could have whispered the whole time and he would have said the same thing, so I don’t really look to him for the truth.”

As for the general public reacting to her concerts, Pink said, “I love it when people come in and say they had a great time, but if everybody says it, I get a little sort of what are people not telling me.”

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