JoJo Talks About Her Mother Diana Levesque

JoJo driving with her mother Diana LevesquePepsi Smash’s Track-Episode 5 features out shopping with her mother Diana Levesque. The teen pop singer talked about difficulties she has travelling with mom, how she fights her mom’s normally correct advice to be her own person, clashing on fashion and how her mom deals with “JoJo mode”.

“Traveling with my mother is very interesting,” explained. “Things get difficult sometimes, and I know I do talk back to her sometimes, and we have our moments, but we also have a really fun time together.”

“The more that I think about it, she’s usually right with the things that she says, but I just try to fight it because I’m trying to pave my own way and I’m trying to be my own person.”

As for her mom’s more conservative fashion sense, said, “My mom has different opinions on fashion than I do. She doesn’t like my hair straight. I like my hair straight. She thinks things are appropriate when I think they’re inappropriate, or vis versa, so we have an interesting dynamic.

As for dealing with Diana’s maternal instincts, JoJo said, “I think sometimes for my mom, it’s hard for her to see me in JoJo mode, because to her I’m Joanna. I am Joanna, I’m not JoJo all the time. As my manager I think that some of that mother comes into that. She’ll be like listen, she needs to have a 10-hour window of sleep, and she’ll say no to things if I don’t have that 10-hour window of sleep, so that gets a little annoying.”

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