PETA’s Pro-Neutering Ad Targets Clay Aiken

“Get Neutered—It Didn’t Hurt Clay Aiken,” snips Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in a new PETA ad aimed at the widespread problem of dog and cat overpopulation. The foulmouthed—but lovable—dog-puppet creation of Robert Smigel is best known as a regular guest on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. In his PETA ad, Triumph wears a “post-surgery” Elizabethan collar and chomps on his trademark cigar as he takes aim at the high-ranging American Idol contestant.

Triumph chose to make Clay Aiken the target of his humor in the ad, and PETA didn’t object because Aiken recently told Rolling Stone, “I think cats are Satan. There’s nothing worse to me than a house cat. When I was about 16, I had a kitten and ran over it.”

PETA deals with dozens of cases of cruelty to cats every week and how damaging statements like this can be, with impressionable kids being prone to mimic what their “idols” do. Aiken never responded when PETA wrote to him.

Update: The Chicago Sun-Times reports Clay Aiken is miffed at PETA and wants to take them to court after seeing their new ad campaign featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog with the headline, “Get Neutered — It Didn’t Hurt Clay Aiken.” While the publicist for Aiken declined to comment, a source close to the pop star told Bill Zwecker, “Clay is very insulted. … He thinks this is yet another swipe at his sexuality.”

Watch Clay Aiken’s ‘Invisible’ Video

Clay Aiken 'Invisible' single cover

November 11, 2003 – Clay is out with his new video ‘Invisible’. The track is off the ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up’s debut album ‘Measure of a Man’, out now on RCA Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

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11 thoughts on “PETA’s Pro-Neutering Ad Targets Clay Aiken

  1. LuckyThirteen says:

    PETA is so stupid, and it’s not a good organization, I’ve done my research and they are up to some pretty shady things.

  2. venus18 says:

    He ran over his cat?! On purpose or was it just an accident?

  3. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    I really hope it was an accident. I can’t STAND anyone who hurts/kills animals, especially when it’s not for food or anything. Anyways, the ad is hilarious.

  4. perfectly-imperfect says:

    I think Clay Aiken is Satan. ;} No, but seriously, what type of decent human being kills a living thing? He deserves that insulting AD, in my opinion. I wonder how he would enjoy being run over? revolting.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Even though PETA’S promo ad with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is disrespecting Clay in an unacceptable way, it’s inane to sue PETA, they most likely weren’t the ones that created the slogan “Get Neutered- It Didn’t Hurt Clay Aiken.” And what was there to expect…the slogan after all is coming from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, it’s meant to be a joke, not something that has to be taken so seriously. Through the end, there is a good cause involved, and it will probably get lots of attention for that cause to be heard…so it doesn’t have to be overlooked for what it is.

  6. Danisha says:

    The ad is hysterical. Aiken bought all of this on himself with his holier-than-thou attitude and big mouth. He popped off at the mouth about cats being Satan and now he’s paying for it. Serves his pompous a$$ right. In Aiken’s world, practically everything is Satan. What a joke. Thank God his 15 minutes are almost up!

  7. LuckyThirteen says:

    However, PETA is the same org that was trying to get the Green Bay Packers to change their name because they found it offensive.

  8. TahoeGirl13 says:

    Clay has said many times that it was an accident. He had the cat, loved the cat, then one day he accidentally ran over it. He said since that day he felt that the cat was haunting him. So it made he a little freaked out with cats.

  9. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    It’s considered slander. He could bring PETA down with a lawsuit. Besides, who really takes PETA seriously? All they do is through paint on people’s fur coats. It’s more of a joke than an organization.

  10. clayfan says:

    He loved cats but now he’s afraid of them because he killed his beloved kitten — by accident.

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree with you on that one…and of course PETA is not taken seriously….who takes real issues seriously to begin with….but PETA is not a hate organization, they aren’t trying to convert the whole world into animal lovers or vegetarians as much as they probably want to…but all in all, there is still a good cause. Even though I appreciate PETA, they could have done their promo in a more respectable and appropriate way without slandering someone like Clay.

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