Peter Bjorn And John Talk With KEXP At SXSW

Jon Kertzer of Seattle’s KEXP talked with Peter Bjorn and John after their live set in Austin during SXSW 2009. The Swedish indie pop trio talked about their fifth album ‘Living Thing’, the recording process, handling the production themselves, the many covers of ‘Young Folks’, and getting rhythmical influences from Brazilian stuff, Tibeted monks, and folk music from the 50s.

On the album’s recording process, they said, “Before we used our porter cast in the studios at home in the basement, but now we did a Meatloaf ’70s recording with everything with flights and per diems and stuff like that. We recorded songs and started in LA, late January last year. They liked the pre-production, listened to the demo of the new songs and started arranging them and listened to a lot of other music to have a reference frame. That was all over the place as we said. Also it’s good to have a tan first before you go in the basement in Stockholm.”

On the album’s production, they said, “We had three producers called Peter Bjorn and John, depending on what they ate for breakfast. Day to day problems, but we had a guy called Lasse Mårtén. He’s a mixer from Sweden. He’s fantastic and he did a lot of help with us on some of the songs and the mixing and production.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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