Petition To Force Britney Spears To Sing Live

In a petition addressed to Jive Records, fans of are encouraging the singer and the label to show “her critics that she can, in fact, sing live, and, should sing live on her forthcoming World Tour, which starts in March.” They explain, “We believe that she, at least owes it to her loyal fanbase around the world to give us a LIVE concert and not lip-synch the whole thing.”, which hosted the petition, has since shut down.

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10 thoughts on “Petition To Force Britney Spears To Sing Live

  1. BritneyFantasy says:

    ok the only problem is I’d sign it but I ain’t going to see her on the first leg because she isn’t coming to my hometown. boohoo

  2. JLOVER101 says:


  3. RainWater says:

    OMG, THIS MADE MY DAY.’, ‘I cannot stop laughing. I was having a REALLY BAD DAY, but this has put a smile on my face. This is so funny.

  4. XtinaFan says:

    SCREW OFF YOU DICKS Ugh, I wish you guys knew the reason she won’t sing live… I’ve never seen anyone on popdirt even guess it, so you *****heads obviously don’t know. Sure, you make up dumb excuses like ‘she can’t sing live’ (Christina said in Allure she can, Christina doesn’t lie) or ‘she smokes’ (she’s trying to quit, and that’s still not the reason), etc. I don’t think Britney wants people to know though.

  5. single_female_lawyer says:

    ha ha that’s funny you know even if she does see this she’s not going to sing live b.c she has to do her dancing and God forbid she has to dance AND sing AT THE SAME TIME. because that’s her excuse wasn’t it? that she had to dance and she was too outta breath to sing properly. I remember her saying that…….but who cares I wouldn’t be caught dead at her concert anyways so…… :)


    this is bullsh** a real fan knows what Britney dose. this is so stupid why would you bother with this? I’m not gonna waste my time. who ever did this is giving us real Britney fans a bad name I would never do this to her.

  7. jimmypee says:

    ROFLMFAO! classic! absolutely classic! her own fans doing a petition because she’s so *****ing crap at performing. FLOPNEYS GOING DOWN! FLOPNEYS GOING DOWN! FLOPNEYS GOING DOWN! mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha :-D

  8. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    You know what I don’t care if she sings live or lip synchs! I mean, when you dance like she does you lose your breath so fast! And plus I would much rather go to a Britney concert and get entertainment out of it rather than going to a Christina concert and getting a headache!

  9. EveryoneSucks says:

    how sad. and I thought Slutney always WANTED to be a “singer”. then she should sing, not dance. this proves once again that Slutney is too much of a selfish biatch to please her “fans”. pity.

  10. skyangelcarter says:

    If she can’t sing and dance at the same time, she could start preparing herself in a decent way to please her fans…who are the only reason that she exists.

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