Pharrell’s Songs For Justin Originally Meant For Jacko

Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, who wrote a lot of star Justin Timberlake’s debut album ‘Justified’, revealed to Radio 1 that some of the songs are cast-offs. “I want to work with R. Kelly but I definitely, definitely want to work with Michael,” Williams explained. “We came so close to working with him so many times. Me and him talk about it all (the time)…..I swear we’ve had, like, three or four conversations about it. We went to the Neverland Ranch, all that. And every time something just happens and it just doesn’t happen, but we have some amazing songs. Six of the seven songs we did for Justin were written for Michael like four years ago.”

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10 thoughts on “Pharrell’s Songs For Justin Originally Meant For Jacko

  1. GoingUnderr says:

    Neptunes write crap ass songs. There like overplayed. Of course Justin got the rejects because he is a reject, the fool.

  2. MariahsMan says:

    I thought some of those songs sounded a little Michael-ish… Still a good album though.

  3. ballersfantasy says:

    Well that’s kinda weird considering everyone use to call JT the next MJ.

  4. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Just like Boys and Slave 4 U were originally written for Janet Jackson, but went to Britney. So they say.

  5. elgato says:

    Duh. Justin didn’t come up with those songs. He just put his name on them and said they were his. What a phony.

  6. weebongo says:

    The last 2 singles Justin released was horrible and sound like someone’s cast offs. Michael was smart not to put that crap on his album. However bad some people said Invincible was nothing on it was as dreadful as Senorita.

  7. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    Hey don’t curse on JT!!! MJ is an influence on him! and Pharrell loves him too and also NEPTUNES ARE NOT CRAP EVERY SINGER THEY WORKED,THE SINGERS TURNED INTO A GOLD!!! you don’t no it!! don’t force your little pea brain to think about it!!(*haters*)

  8. anti_avril says:

    Justin is a sell out playboy his songs suck and he screws a different girl every night.

  9. jujusdevilchild says:

    Actually Pharrell has said many times before, they were originally for MJ, but then he took them to Justin & they RE-WROTE them & came up with DIFFERENT melodies. This is not new news, he’s been saying this for months.

  10. justincaseyestwo says:

    Thank you, jujusdevilchild. I knew there would be those who would run with this if it was worded just the way the media wanted. This has been no secret for a very long time. It happens over and over and over for many, many singers and musicians. Nothing new.

    Yes she would and she would have done it a hundred times better. Close your eyes and try to imagine Janet doing the songs. Now THAT would have been worth watching and listening to.

    OK, if you can’t say stuff that makes the SLIGHTEST amount of sense then go back to your planet and figure out how that talk and think here on earth.

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