Photographer Eyes Britney’s Cash After Pellet Gun Injury

Kelly Davis, the office manager at Diaz’s X17 agency, spoke with The New York Post about the pellet gun shooting outside Britney Spears’ baby shower in Malibu on Saturday. “This was an uncalled for act of aggression,” Davis fumed. “Brad has a bullet lodged deep into his skin. He could have been hit in the eye and blinded. He could have been hit in the head and killed. It’s not funny. I was told by people at the scene that police officers talking to Britney’s bodyguards were sort of standing around laughing at it. People don’t like paparazzi, but it’s not a good reason to shoot at them.”

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11 thoughts on “Photographer Eyes Britney’s Cash After Pellet Gun Injury

  1. ko says:

    Shooting at paparazzi? Come on Flopney! Without them she would have NOTHING! She has no music career, no talent, and a horrible image. What a pathetic moron.

  2. Michelle13105 says:

    which is why I doubt she had anything to do with it

  3. popfan_23 says:

    He would not have been killed it was a pellet from a bebe gun, not a bullet from a gun (he could’ve been blinded if shot in the eye though, that is true, but he wasn’t shot in the eye, so saying that is pointless), and yeah I’m sure it was an act of aggression, since they won’t leave her the hell alone(although their obsession with her is also her fault cause she purposely does things to attract paparazzi, and then wants them to leave her alone on her terms, and it doesn’t work that way).

  4. lilbrookiie says:

    they don’t have substantial proof that Britney did it so they cant accuse her yet

  5. EdwardAlex says:

    actually I had a friend shot in the ear and went into a coma and died

  6. popfan_23 says:

    that is a very unfortunate, and very unusual situation, it’s not very common at all

    public opinion can accuse you whenever it wants, with or w/o proof

  7. DarkLord says:

    It’s his choice to go out and be a stalker…he should know that there are dangers/consequences to that. What a loser, he got exactly what he wanted anyways.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    I don’t understand the big hype about this. It’s one thing if there was actual evidence of this happening, but just making assumptions and conjectures doesn’t mean it’s true. This sounds like another false tabloid more than anything.

  9. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I agree…. And for police to stand around and laugh…..BRITNEY should be shot and see how many people stand around and laugh about it!! And no, I won’t take that back

  10. ajbswimmer08 says:

    Just because Britney is more popular than ur dead boyband freaks, doesn’t mean she should be shot… BSB you need to get your head checked… No1 should ever be shot… AND I have been shot with a pellet gun b4 when me and my friends were goofing off, and its not that bad! The picture isn’t bad… Not a big deal, there is no way the bullet is in so far he cant get it out… THE PR SAID THE ER GOT THE BULLET OUT AND CAME OUT WITH A BANDAID! ITS AMAZING HOW DESPERATE THOSE PHOTOGS ARE FOR MONEY! THEY NEED A REAL JOB!

  11. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I’d rather be a nobody than to be popular for doing raunchy, selfish things that make me look like a whorish egomaniac. She should be shot for MANY reasons, none of which being what you said, because BSB still got it….even the critics are saying that right before digging deep to get a dig in, so whatever!! At least they have to dig deep to get a good diss with BSB instead of what happens with Britney…she breathes and out comes something “accidentally” that they can diss her with. WHO is the laughing stock of entertainment? It sure as hell ain’t BSB!! Get off your high horse and stop tryin’ to drag BSB’s name through the mud JUST to try and discredit ME….your desperation shows EVERYONE that I’m right!

    And WE have no sympathy for twits who beg for attention and then when it doesn’t go’, ‘THEIR way they get pissed off and blame EVERYONE else for their downfall but themselves!!!

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