Photos Of Naked Boys In Bath Tubs Alleged In Jacko Case

Michael Jackson’s defense team has been using virtually every legal strategy imaginable to stop prosecutors from using evidence seized at the singer’s Neverland Ranch, including a half-dozen photos that include images of naked boys, KFI News has confirmed. One of the pictures shows a young boy about 10 or 12 years old, nude, lying face down in a bathtub, the sources said.

Michael Jackson’s attorney Thomas Mesereau issued the following statement in response to KFI’s story: “The defense team has learned that information is circulating throughout the media regarding alleged photographs supposedly seized from Mr. Jackson’s residence. That information is false. The prosecution has confirmed that it is false. We demand an immediate retraction from any news or media organization that made such an announcement. Journalistic integrity is an important factor in all reporting. This kind of reporting is irresponsible. Mr. Jackson, like all other people in America, is entitled to a fair trial. This case will be fought in the courtroom, not in the media. Mr. Jackson is innocent and will be vindicated.”

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19 thoughts on “Photos Of Naked Boys In Bath Tubs Alleged In Jacko Case

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