Physician’s Advice For Britney Spears Isn’t Welcome

East Side internist Holly Phillips has advice for after the pregnant singer has been shown recently inhaling hubby Kevin Federline’s second-hand smoke, eating fast food, and bragging about having sex three times a day. “Spotting midterm is grounds for a high-risk pregnancy,” Phillips said, referring to Spears’ bleeding incident. “Britney may need to be put on ‘pelvic rest,’ which may include full-time bed rest and no sex.” Phillips added, “Spears needs to slow down on the heavy fast food, and remove herself from the potential damage of second-hand smoke from her husband. Britney’s pregnancy can be adversely affected by smoking and second-hand smoke. She should focus on ultimate health and relaxation.”

The singer’s rep tells The New York Daily News, “This doctor should mind her own business, shut her trap and get a life.”

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9 thoughts on “Physician’s Advice For Britney Spears Isn’t Welcome

  1. galleta says:

    I doubt Kevy is smoking around a pregnant women, if trailer trash such as these two know that you can’t smoke around a pregnant woman. Come on Britney is trashy and low class but even a dog protects its young. Britney isn’t going to do anything to hurt her child.

  2. fandango says:

    he does smoke around her – is 2nd hand smoke really bad for pregnant women?

    You can lose a baby at any time – all the way to the birth. I think the internist should mind her own business since Britney likely has her own Dr. who will advise her. I’m sure Britney isn’t eating the way she should and Kevin does smoke around her, but I’m less worried about the physical health of their spawn than it’s mental health later in life.

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    OMG, that is like so totally fu**ed up of her to say that. I mean, I know she went to school and probably has like tons of degrees and stuff but ya know my Auntie Mae said her husband Billy Bob and all her other boyfriends smoked around her for each of her 15 pregnancies and only 7 of them ended up retarded, and only 2 of them died from lung issues within the first year. How dare this dr talk so much sh** about the greatest human being, Britney Spears?

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    of course it is, it’s bad for anybody, but pregnant women the most’, ‘Doesn’t mean that they will have a premature birth or something like that, but regardless it’s just not good for the baby and the mother. It can possibly lead to problems if they’re always around smoke. And it just seems common sense that a pregnant mother should stay away from that anyway.

    Damn it was just advice, and good advice at that. Britney needs to wake up and realize that she’s going to be a mother now, it’s common sense that she should be eating healthy and not smoke or inhale second hand smoke while she’s pregnant. And her “rep” should also be concerned about the fact that she’s pregnant and needs to adjust to a more healthy and relaxing lifestyle. She needs to think more about her child, not focus so much on trying to be a rebel and bragging about how much sex she is having, at this point it’s just unnecessary and ridiculous.

    True, but i don’t think it was necessary for Britney’s rep to act so defensive about it. It’s not like she said that the baby is going to die if Britney doesn’t eat healthy, the advice she gave should be something that Britney should follow anyway. Apparently somebody has to tell her how to do it right if her own Dr. isnt, from the looks of it.

  5. Dreamcatcher says:

    “This doctor should mind her own business, shut her trap and get a life.” LMAO!!! I agree with what the doc is saying but she’s clearly using Britney for publicity. At least the article acknowledged that.

  6. Starlet01 says:

    Britney Do Somthin’ … Now’, ‘I know that the physician meant well but, maybe she could of express her opinion in a better way. Although I do agree that Britney has been a bit irresponsible in dealing with her cravings. She has poor eating habits. And yes Kevin definitely needs to stop smoking around Britney. I agree Britney is a bit tacky in her maternity fashion. It’s not right for a woman to flaunt her low down affair to whole world. Especially her sex life with a taken man. Still have not idea what possessed Britney to exposed her personal collection of videos of her affair with Kevin, to the whole world. Weather Britney realize it or not, she is going to be a mother. She has to learn to put her child first in every way. I know she loves media attention but, she going to have to learn to find a balance between Hollywood & Motherhood. If she is unable to find a balance between both parts of her life, then I suggest she pick between the two. I’m not sure what Britney’s going to do but, I wish her well.

  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Too bad…. I almost hope this baby is deformed when I see things like this. A doctor is trying to give advice, and I’m sure make a couple bucks, and all Britney can say is “Shut your trap”? WTF is that…she obviously don’t care about her baby….she just wants headlines!

  8. JLOVER101 says:

    Honey, what do you think an internist is? It’s just another name for a general’, ‘doctor, as in not a specialist. So, she may not be a Gyno, but she is a real physician.

  9. Starlet01 says:

    Although Britney will not be posing nude on the cover of Vanity Fair anytime soon. She will be gracing the cover of the October issue of ELLE magazine. Don’t worry, Britney plans to wear clothes.

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