Pink Chats With Capital FM

visited Capital FM recently and talked about her role in the Pepsi Gladiators commercial, her upcoming tour, and being covered by the tabloids. Asked what she thought of celebrities like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who were under the media spotlight before their breakup if she felt they were after publicity or if she felt genuinely sad for them, the singer responded, “I don’t know. You never know with people, we all come from different places, but I enjoyed all the publicity they were getting when they [the press] were down my neck because then I could tell them: ‘Ben and J.Lo had a fight today – go cover that!’ (Laughs) But I feel sad for anybody who is followed all the time, no matter what they do because you start feeling like a monkey in a cage – not a pleasant feeling but some people love it – some people do it just for that.” The entire interview at has since been removed.

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