Pink: Christina Aguilera Needs To Be On Meds

Singer Pink has tattoos on her feet

Us Weekly caught up with Pink and asked the singer what she thought about the bad blood she apparently has with Christina Aguilera after her recent comment that Pink copies Aguilera’s fashion style. “I don’t know if there’s ever been good blood,” Pink said. “Comments like that are exactly why I dropped out of high school. Drama is not for me. What can I say? The girl needs to be on meds. But she has a great voice. She should sing more and talk less.” As for meeting Madonna on Live with Regis and Kelly, Pink says it was “bizarre”, adding, “She was my idol! I told her I was convinced we were never supposed to meet. She thought I was crazy.”

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25 thoughts on “Pink: Christina Aguilera Needs To Be On Meds

  1. opa says:

    I think Pink is crazy and jealous, I love Christina she’s the best!

  2. talia says:

    I love Pink she’s so down to earth and blunt she don’t give a f–k she speaks whats on her mind, Christina does she great but she seems so fake and b*tchy and I doubt she will get in pink’s face pink will knock the little rat, plus Christina is so high school

  3. yadira says:

    Pink is fat and jealous of Christina because Christina is the best better than Madonna too so deal with pink and definitely Christina will knock her out

  4. fat ratass christina says:

    okay who’s tougher more down to earth and isn’t a bitch-pink-fu** Christina, her mom is fu**n hella ugly and fat as sh** fu** you all bitches except talia

  5. Pink is a slut! says:

    Poster 4 talia and are loser a**holes! Go jump off a bridge b!tches! Stupid sluts!

  6. lebezel says:

    Pink is pathetic. She thinks to be arrogant and conceited is to be cool. It’s not, it’s being obviously feigned and contrived. It’s so clear that her husband does not love her and never will. I doubt that most men could, she just doesn’t have what it takes for a man. And her lacking a neck makes her physically unfeminine. Poor Pink. Christina is just so superior to Pink in all areas. I don’t know why they are compared at all.
    Pink, try to knock off the tough act, it really is a turn off. It’s neither cute nor cool. I’m sure you proudly think it defines you, it’s your “signature”, it’s not, it reeks of fake.

  7. snooky says:

    Pink is a flash in the pan and mediocre at best. Christina is long lasting and gifted, really gifted. There is no comparison, at all. Pink is stubby, Christina is long and graceful. Pink is fake and NEEDS gimmicks, she needs to give a show, sensationalism and all the rest that quick stars need to compensate for her lack of real talent. I do agree with the above, that husband does NOT love Pink. Pink, the sooner you realize it the better it’ll be for you. Words shouldn’t be necessary.

  8. Huh says:

    LOL @ the comments. Pink is actually successful while Christina’s last album was a HUGE flop. And how the hell has Pink ever copied Christina’s style? That’s so stupid.

  9. Blake says:

    This whole thing is stupid.

    Honestly, Pink is one of my favorite artists, but she needs to let it go. Ever since Linda Perry let Christina record “Beautiful” after telling Pink it was too personal to let anyone record, she’s had a stick up her ass and been totally Anti-Christina.

    Also, I think it should be noted that although Christina’s album, Bionic, didn’t do as well as expected, it still performed better critically and commercially than Pink’s 3rd album. Pink doesn’t have the Grammy’s or the album sales Christina does. So, although I love Pink, and she’s obviously outrageously talented, to state that she is successful and to even partially imply that Christina is not makes absolutely no sense and will, undoubtedly make you look like an idiot.

  10. Brian says:

    Blake, where are you getting your facts from? “Try This” (Pink’s third studio album) was nowhere near the success of her other albums but it sold around three million albums worldwide and went gold in the U.S. “Bionic” has sold nowhere near that. And so far “Bionic’s” critical reception has been lukewarm to negative. The biggest complaint Pink got was that “Try This” wasn’t very commercially friendly; something Pink wasn’t really worried about at the time. I loved both albums, but the facts can’t be argued.

    Personally, I’m not sure where all the talk of jacking each other’s styles is coming from, since the two are as different as night and day. And as far as the success of “Bionic” goes, I think it was a great album that just got put out at the wrong time from the wrong artist. There isn’t a pop star around right now that’s safe from being compared to Lady GaGa, except for possibly Britney Spears (“Blackout” predates “The Fame” by nearly a year). GaGa is not just part of the pop zeitgeist right now…she IS the zeitgeist. Aguilera had been working on her take on an electronica album for nearly four years, and it was her bad luck to release it at a time when you can hardly discern pop music from GaGa.

  11. Jim says:

    Pink is a much much nicer than Xtina. And yes Brian is correct Pink’s latest album did much much better than Xtina’s Bionic which has been a flop, should she be called floptina now lol.. Go to YouTube and search Christina Aguilera’s diss list.

  12. Luckygrl says:


  13. Luckygrl says:

    Christina is a cu**

  14. Luckygrl says:

    Mary J Blige even hates her she vowed to never record a song with Christina Aguilera because she feels that she is “rude”. Recalling their first meeting, Mary said that upon greeting each other, Aguilera extended her hand to Mary as though she wanted her to kiss it, which was taken as an extreme insult by Blige.

  15. lina says:

    Pink is the best forget Christina ever existed!!!

  16. monsterboy says:

    Pink is an ugly bitch! Christina has outsold her!

  17. Kira xx says:

    P!nk is amazing!! She is so caring and down to Earth! She is funny and she makes me laugh all the time! It is a true fact that P!nk’s songs have prevented people from taking their own lives…I don’t hear anything like that being said about Christina. Yes, Christina has a good voice but P!nk is still way better! P!nk’s voice is better and P!nk has actually got a loving personality and attitude. I love P!nk and I look up to her. She is truly amazing and inspirational. I love you P!nk! xx and I always will! :)x

  18. Powpow says:

    Lols.. Pink rebell things look soo boring. Eventhough i hate xtina’s dirrty image, i c xtina has much higher level than pink in success n quality. I wonder if pink eventually sang Beautiful. Pink is Jealous

  19. Plala says:

    I wonder if @Pink’s ipod lists are christina’s songs and Beautiful is there.

  20. Olalanda says:

    Pink is jealous with her coz she can sing better than her. But why xtina has to act like dirrty ??

  21. Budgt says:

    Not myself 2nite’s video is disgusting n foolish. People adore her bcoz of her great voice, not her oversexual acts. I’m bored with girls acting naughty, dirty, nasty. Pink is annoying. She hates her rival in this industry.

  22. I hatextina's bit**ythings says:

    Pink thinks that her rebell things are cool. That’s foolish.

  23. Ihatextina'sbit**ythings says:

    Pink thinks that her rebell things are cool. That’s foolish.T

  24. Susan says:

    This is what now? This story is from 2002/2003! Why was this brought up? Christina is a vile woman. If she’s just kidding with her personality, she’s the only one in on the joke.

  25. april says:

    So who got the BillBoard Woman of the year award 2014?? definitely NOT Christina Aguillera who stole Linda Perry from Pink since she couldn’t write her own music!! nyahaha

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