Pink Demands Christina Aguilera Not Introduce Her

Singer Pink black and white photo

The Sun reports Pink told MTV Europe Music Awards producers she wouldn’t go on stage if hostess mentioned her name, making it impossible for her rival to introduce her. She was overheard shouting to aides: “If that bitch mentions my name once I’m not going on stage – and I’m not kidding.” An insider at BMG, where both artists are signed, remarked, “It was a bit difficult but we managed to get away with it. Pink was adamant Christina should not mention her name or she would upset the whole show by not coming out to perform at the end.”

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7 thoughts on “Pink Demands Christina Aguilera Not Introduce Her

  1. FireorIce says:

    Boy let a tabloid run with the story. I don’t know what is going on with pink in regards with Christina. But I doubt she said that, Pink if one thing isn’t petty like that. Unlike Kelly if she got a problem with some one, she has the guts to say it to them. I doubt she would care if Christina said her name or not.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    I thought Christina did introduce her and even after her performance Chris was like “That was Freaking Hot!” maybe I’m wrong. Oh well.

  3. FireorIce says:

    You know you may be right! I have MTV2, I was doing something else most of the time, I watch some of the performances, Christina skit on Kelly, but didn’t catch Christina announcing Pink. Well, we will see on the Nov.17 when it airs on MTV in the US.

  4. XxmissyxX says:

    Why does everybody hate Christina? oh and why does pink hate ON everybody else?! hmm.

  5. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Wait she did introduce pink and pink went on stage. she even said “that was freaking awesome”. the sun needs to calm the f**k down with these dam* lies! they can prove this true because half the world tuned in to see Christina introduce pink. they lie like no one was watching. and do you really think a insider would risk their job by telling the sun? really it’s stupid how these people lie to get attention and money!

  6. jimmypee says:

    LMAO how lame. good points FireorIce. haha. if The Sun would’ve run this story before the show it might have been believable, even though this “feud” between them is obviously a tabloid fabrication, but now? laughable.

  7. Iceman says:

    Actually earlier that evening Christina introduced Pink by saying: “Now she knows how to get the party started, give it up for Pink” That was when Pink had to give an award to Justin (I guess for best album) Anyway, Pink really looked like the f**king devil when she sang her dumb song, she looked so fricking ugly and her ass was way to fat for the outfit she wore!

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