Pink Eyes ‘Sexy’ Kelly Osbourne

Pink tells The Daily Star she’s hot for Kelly Osbourne after meeting up with Ozzy’s daughter at the Wed Rock gay marriage awareness concert in New York City the other night. “I think Kelly’s straight but she’s really sexy,” Pink said. “I could just eat her up.”

Kelly Osbourne Looks To Become The Next Kylie Minogue reports that Kelly Osbourne is hoping to jump-start her disastrous pop career by copying Kylie Minogue. “I have learned lots about performance by watching old videos of Kylie,” Ozzy’s daughter remarked. Look for sexually themed videos from Kelly in the future. “Sex really does sell, so I’ll be doing loads of that,” Kelly promised.

Kelly Osbourne And Mom Dine At Maze

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne had such a good time at Gordon Ramsey’s new Restaurant ‘Maze’ in London, England on October 15th that they just had to leave with a little souvenir – Gordon’s aprons.

Pictures at have since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Pink Eyes ‘Sexy’ Kelly Osbourne

  1. Shanice says:

    That is just disgusting. For anyone to think that Kelly is sexy that makes me sick. I always knew Pink was a disgusting dyke!

  2. tegan_and_sara says:

    I think both Kelly and P!nk are hot. It would be hot if they hooked up. Not gonna happen, but still hot none the less.

  3. MusicIsFreedom says:

    what rubbish….anyone who even believes one word of this really doesn’t have a clue. The two attend something and pose for a pic together and the media throws a caption under it….of course people with no thoughts or opinions of their own will believe every word of it. stupid.

  4. james jamieson says:

    i have to agree with pink, Kelly is f ing sexy!! I would love to spend the night with her

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