Pink Flops

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Since the November release of Pink’s third studio album, ‘Try This’, the album sold 800,000 copies. That is good for most artists but, compared to her second album that is 1,000,000 less then what it sold in the same amount of time. Pink’s past two singles flopped dramatically, and her third single, ‘Last To Know’, premiered online a few days ago and received no recognition from VH1, MTV, or BET. The radio release date was pushed from March 29th to April 19th due to lack of interest. The whole, “rocker girl,” image that Pink, Avril Lavigne, and has been pushed aside due to sparked interest in artists like and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles. Whether or not Pink’s career can turn around or not is very undecided, and her legion of fans have been looking to different artists to quench their musical taste.

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