Pink In A Crucial Punk Dilemma

Barry Walters of reviewed Pink’s new album ‘Try This’, which is released on Tuesday (November 11). Walters gave the album 3 stars and said, “After ‘Missundaztood’, her choices were to repeat herself or to try more material outside her realm of expertise. She does a little of both on ‘Try This’, with mixed results.”

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2 thoughts on “Pink In A Crucial Punk Dilemma

  1. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Her music is in hell now because she sold out so early in her career. She should’ve stuck with the “wigger” image for awhile. I had more respect for her then. Now she’s just pathetic.

  2. looker says:

    The first album was dammed good with great songs like “some girls” and “you make me sick” with a nice R&B feel and the second was pretty good too,she was discovering her style but I have doubts about this new album. I think the rock influences are starting to screw her sound up…. But I suspect that if this album flops she will learn and come back strong.

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