Pink Instigates Trouble With ‘Dumb Blondes’

Pink tells The Mirror she’s declaring war on and her other “dumb blonde” counterparts Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. “As of Monday, when the video’s out, I’m gonna have to start wearing a bullet-proof vest. My PR has already had so many calls from a bunch of women who think I’m slating them, but I don’t care,” the singer said, suddenly adopting British colloquialisms. “I grab the phone myself and I’m like, ‘Yeah – what do you want?’ It’s fun just stirring it all up. I’m not afraid. I don’t know Paris Hilton, but I know about her porno, ‘One Night In Paris’. I knew a lot of my male entourage had seen it, so I asked them to show me how to pose like her for the video. So all these straight guys were sticking their chests and asses out. It was hilarious.”

Cheats Death At Sundance

January 26, 2006 – Luxe Life: Vegas with Robin Leach reports that when Paris was partying at Sundance, the heiress wound up in the W Lounge, where Las Vegas nightclub queen and ‘Circuit’ creator Xenia Woodman reported: “She gave everyone a scare when she nearly fell over the two story balcony.” Others told Leach it was so dangerous that if Paris hadn’t been pulled back a split second, she would have fallen 25 ft to the hard ice-and-packed snow ground below. The full story at Luxe Life Vegas has since been removed.

AOL Music Gets A Sneak Peek Of Paris Hilton’s Debut Album

January 21, 2006 – AOL Music got a sneak peak of Paris’ debut album in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday. The heiress was on hand, as well as label reps and bodyguards, where she answered questions about the as-yet untitled album and bounced in her seat, singing along to nearly every word as her music played.

To Attend Brits & Give Pop Career A Boost

January 12, 2006 – The Sun reports that Paris is being lined up to appear at the Brit Awards. “Paris Hilton is the big American name who will be there on the night to present an award,” a source at the Brits launch said. “She has exactly the right credentials to get herself into trouble on the night. She could well get booed by the serious rock ‘n’ roll contingent – and whatever happens, she won’t be boring. Paris is desperate to make a success of her pop career and the Brits is the perfect place for her to begin her UK campaign.” Read more.

Paris Hilton Page Reportedly Fake

December 2, 2005 – According to, after speaking with Paris, the heiress says the page promoting four tracks from her forthcoming debut is not hers, and is not real. Perez writes, “Not her. Her sh** is gonna be tight, she promises. And, we will soon be able to judge for ourselves.” The fun with Hiltons appeared to be continuing with a similar page touting music from Nicky, which has since been deleted.

Note: The website is fake and the songs posted (except for ‘Screwed’) were actually sung by British actress, singer and ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ winner Jennifer Ellison. The savvy hoaxster selected tracks from a little known British artist that were never released, since her record company dropped her before she had a chance to release a proper album.

Is Us Weekly Editor Obsessed With Paris Hilton?

December 2, 2005 – Insiders at Us Weekly are fuming their West Coast editor Ken Baker has become too close to Paris, spending a large part of his day on the phone with the heiress, and insists on putting a positive spin on anything published about her. “I think this goes far beyond a crush,” a friend of Hilton’s tells Radar magazine. “Every time her phone rings, it’s Ken. He calls more than any other guy, even more than her boyfriends.”

New Watches Coming From Paris Hilton

December 2, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Paris Hilton is coming out with her own line of watches. Paris Hilton watches. You thought Timex took a a licking — oh my God!”

Paris Hilton Previews Songs From Debut Album

December 1, 2005 – Paris is shown as being online now on her official page, no doubt absorbing reaction to the 3 full tracks and one clip she just posted from her yet-to-be released debut album. Listen to full-length versions of ‘Screwed’, ‘Don’t Touch It’, and ‘Hand On My Heart’, as well as a clip of ‘Sooner Or Later’, at

Update: The website is fake and the songs posted were actually sung by actress, singer and ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ winner Jennifer Ellison.

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3 thoughts on “Pink Instigates Trouble With ‘Dumb Blondes’

  1. malibu says:

    Sometimes pink bugs me with her tough act. but although I think its poor taste for her to write a song making fun of people, I do agree. A lot of these celebs carry their dogs around like accessories, and Paris Hilton does seem to have the brains of a retarded mosquito. I think pink didn’t just do the song and video to prove a point, she did it cuz it would sell, so shes pretty smart in the money making sense.

  2. fandango says:

    Pink is damn right and it’s good to crack on these dumb bimbos. They put women WAY back in terms of how they are viewed. If women want respect – start acting like something TO respect. Not a ditz. A guy will ***** a dumb good looking ditz, but he’ll also run away and STAY w/ the one who is mentally stimulating. Females – if you have no brains, WORK on it. It’s one of the sexiest tools a person has.

    the idiots NEED to have someone point out how dumb they look and I’m surprised that Jessica’s FATHER can’t even do it. Good for Pink for pointing out the freakin truth.

  3. manwithaplan94 says:

    Its actually good to see a celeb talking about other celebs. It is way better than listening to divah and her pointless arguments and essays. Maybe we will get hella lucky and Pink will take divah’s job over. That would make an awesome battle.

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