Pink Not Digging Denny’s Super Bowl Commercial

Singer Pink (Alicia Moore)

PETA supporter Pink (Alicia Moore) wasn’t happy with the Denny’s Super Bowl commercial featuring chickens reacting in horror to news that restaurant is having a free Grand Slam giveaway on Tuesday. The singer told her Twitter followers on Sunday (February 7):

I’m really not digging these Denny’s commercials with the poor screaming chickens. I’m so grateful I don’t eat chicken. Gross

Watch it below.

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3 thoughts on “Pink Not Digging Denny’s Super Bowl Commercial

  1. SloeWyne says:

    She obviously didn’t get that it was about EGGS, not CHICKEN. She really needs to stop hanging upside down.

  2. ewookie says:

    My 6 year old and I thought they were hilarious. Pink can go suck an egg!

  3. Kevin says:

    Obviously Pink never had a Grand Slam. But then again, chicken and pancakes might be good.

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