Pink Says Kanye’s Apology Won’t Cut It

Singer Pink wearing a scarf

Pink spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ on Monday, coming to the defense of after her winning Video Music Awards moment was interrupted by Kanye West. Pink said Kanye got exactly what people wanted – people talking about him – and that there’s not much he can say as far as an apology. “If I had had the microphone, it would have been a different night,” Pink said, adding that Beyonce was a “classy lady” for allowing Taylor to make a speech later.

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2 thoughts on “Pink Says Kanye’s Apology Won’t Cut It

  1. Will says:

    Time someone ended West’s black thug act. Taylor was easy target – a young white kid. I hope West gets ‘interrupted’ and disrespected in a way he can truly understand. His stupid, illiterate attempt at an apology on Leno’s show made people angrier. It showed who he really is, a self-centered, cruel thug. If a white person did that to a black person we’d hear all about racism. But we won’t hear a thing about West being racist.

  2. ginagal says:

    Let’s not play the race card, let’s just choke it up to pure, ignorance. The guy apparently has no respect for himself and is not in a good place. Hurt people hurt others. Instead of giving Kanye what he wants, and that is attention, let’s just pray for the sad sack.

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