Pink Struggles To Become Vegetarian

Singer Pink looking blue

says she has not given up her fight to persuade William to give up fox hunting. She turned down an invitation to perform at his last birthday party because she does not support his hunting habits. told MuchMusic about her involvement with PETA recently and admitted she too struggles with sticking to her path, but she’s trying:”I’m kind of a hypocrite because I still eat turkey but I’m working on it and I’m evolving and, you know, I just want people to be educated about it.”

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7 thoughts on “Pink Struggles To Become Vegetarian

  1. MistySl says:

    This girl has got the worst case of, a man in a woman’s body. and her feet always look dirty. But, good voice.

  2. millagrrl says:

    It’s great that she has her beliefs but to use the phrase, “…people to be educated about it” is just plain stupid, I think. Each person has their own belief in certain issues and just because one person believe one thing is right, it doesn’t mean it’s the right one for another. Personally, I don’t need to be “educated” about my eating habits. I’m not an animal hater and I’m against animal abuse but I’m also not a vegetarian nor do I go around claiming I need to “educate” people about eating meat. That’s just preaching about the wrong stuff and I don’t think she, or anyone else for that matter, has that right or power to preach what people should and shouldn’t do. If she believes the cause, then you know, great. But don’t feel like you need to state how you need to “educate” people about it, that’s just playing god.

  3. MistySl says:

    Sweets, you seem so nice and you care. Pink sounds stupid, she’s confused, she’s young and dumb. If she’s gonna care about that charity then she needs to support it 100% or keep her trap shut. She’s really hypocritical

  4. LuckyThirteen says:

    Pink is a moron. She’s not educated on it herself. Plus, she needs to stop shoving her opinion down people’s throats like it’s the ‘right’ opinion and everyone else is wrong.

  5. blondeambiti0n says:

    I believe she meant educated in the the inhumane ways in which animals are treated. Most people don’t know what inhumane practices these animals suffer through before they get shipped off to the local McDonald’s and you eat it. People NEED to be educated about that. If a lot of people knew what really went on in the meat industry, they might think twice about it….. I commend Pink….another reason why I love her.

    Did she ever say her opinion was “right” and that everyone else is “wrong”? No. She herself is even biased about it. People have the right to express their opinion. Just because she says she wants to be a vegetarian you call her a moron? Wow, it seems that you can’t tolerate an opinion. Shame.

  6. LuckyThirteen says:

    What an idiot. You’re just as dumb as Pink. What she did to Price William was pushing her opinion as the right one. Pink sucks, you suck, get over it.

    She uneducated about it as well, she’s only seen what PETA wants you to see, it’s called ‘scare tatics’, you don’t see the full run around.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    Yes that’s true, and I know what you mean. I am an animal lover and I am part of a SETA organization group. But just because I feel strongly about the abuse on animals doesn’t mean I have to “make” myself into a vegetarian (even though I call myself a semi-vegetarian, which is someone who very occasionally eats meat, but even that doesn’t officially make me a vegetarian). I think some people like Pink don’t know the difference between fighting for animal rights and supporting the vegetarian diet? You don’t have to be one to be the other. It’s okay to be an animal rights activist while still eating meat, that doesn’t make them false advocates. In my opinion, vegetarianism is primarily based on health beliefs, not animal rights or a way to “educate” people about the abuse of animals. Vegetarians aren’t stopping the human race from eating animals or slaughtering them, they are just benefiting themselves in a good way. So Pink should just let the RD’s and animal rights organizations deal with this, she alone can’t “educate” the whole world over just one belief.

    I agree with you blondeambiti0n. However, whether or not people were aware of the completely inhumane abuse of animals that are between the sandwich buns we eat at McDonald’s and other restaurants, people will still most likely continue their eating habits. For years we’ve been trying to convince people to eat meat in moderation. No improvement there. We’ve even discussed the many diseases that occurs on meat, and the many steroids and such that are in them. Still no improvement there. Yes, people NEED to be educated, but people most likely aren’t gonna care. Nobody goes to McDonald’s expecting to see a full balanced meal of tofu burgers, and carrot fries with soy milk shakes on its menu, or to be educated about the abuse on animals.

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