Pink Talks About Being Compared To Britney Spears

J. Cale of South Africa’s Top Forty magazine spoke with about the lyrics in her new cut ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’, which she talks about being tired of Britney Spears comparisons. Pink said, “I’ve met Britney. She’s really, really sweet. She’s probably the sweetest girl I’ve ever met in my life. But every interview I would sit down, or just anywhere, really, and they’d be like, ‘Well, how do you compare yourself to Britney and Jessica and Christina?’ And I’m just thinking to myself that [they’re asking this] just because we’re the same age, or girls, young white girls singing pop music or whatever we do. But we’re all different. And we all get our own respect.” She later bashed Britney and other’s music as “teenybopper garbage.”

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