Pink Discusses ‘American Idol’ Demand, Paris Hilton In Jail

visited Kyle and Jackie O. of Austereo in Sydney on May 18th, talking about having seven shows in Sydney.

She also discussed staying in shape, her highwire routine, pressures of releasing a new album, influencing other artists and being influenced, appearing on ‘American Idol’ and refusing to revise ‘U + Ur Hand’ lyrics to ‘U + Ur Heart’ (“You want me to rewrite my song for you. For American fu**ing Idol? I’m like, what does that even mean, how do you have sex with your heart?”), how being at home drives her insane, her thoughts on Paris Hilton’s jail stint (“I think this is one of the best examples for young girls that there could have been in a long time. At least if George Bush doesn’t have consequences, let Paris Hilton”), hubby Carey Hart, the story behind ‘Dear Mr. President’, and she fielded pre-taped questions from Australian celebrities.

The 4-part interview at has since been removed.

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