Pink Wants Movie Roles Like Mandy Moore

Pink has been offered numerous acting gigs but has been waiting for the right role, having just landed one playing Janis Joplin in ‘The Gospel According To Janis’. “People see me like the prostitute, the crack-head, the junky, the convict, the runaway, the girl with the attitude,” she explained to Jonathon Moran of AAP. “(But) I want a Mandy Moore role. I want to be sweet and innocent. I want to be a petite tulip.” Preferably, Pink would take on a low budget film. “It is really easy I guess if you are a so-called pop star to do those big blockbuster cameo pop stylized movies but I would rather do something like my music that makes a point,” she said. “I would rather do an independent film because I think there is more creativity involved and I would rather do something that is … powerful, that makes a statement.” Read more.

Mandy Moore Signs On With Warner Records

April 5, 2004 – Liz Smith of The New York Post reports Mandy was spotted backstage at Josh Groban’s show at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday (April 3). Moore stayed engrossed in her Blackberry message pad as Josh’s fans drifted in and out. Meanwhile, Smith reports that Groban has a labelmate now with Moore, after she signed on to Warner Records.

Mandy Moore Leaves USC Guys Drooling

April 3, 2004 – Us Weekly reports that during Mandy’s Teen Vogue cover shoot for their May issue at the University of Southern California, college hunks were drooling at the newly single singer/actress. Moore sports a floral print dress by Monique Lhuillier on the cover, arriving on the shoot wearing a Citizens for Humanity jeans and Rogan t-shirt.

Mandy Moore’s Skirt Trouble

April 1, 2004 – Us Weekly quotes Mandy stating: “In high school, I was the one who got in trouble for rolling up my skirt up at the waist. Never mind that my friends had theirs hiked up to their butts!”

Has Mandy Already Found A Replacement For Andy?

March 26, 2004 – At the premiere of the off-Broadway play ‘Frozen’ on March 1st, Us Weekly is reporting that Mandy Moore held hands with former ‘Third Watch’ actor Bobby Cannavale, 33, with whom she’s filming the musical ‘Romance & Cigarettes’. Moore’s rep now confirms the split with tennis ace Andy Roddick, but insisted her relationship with Cannavale is purely professional. Meanwhile, a Roddick pal says the two are talking. “He’s sad things didn’t work out.”

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6 thoughts on “Pink Wants Movie Roles Like Mandy Moore

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Mandy’s been dumped by her boyfriend. Dropped from her label and most movie studios want nothing to do with her…What’s a girl to do with so much free time? I guess drape herself all over every working actor in Hollywood.

  2. clayfan says:

    “Most movie studios want nothing to do with her”? Where did that come from? She’s making a movie right now. So she and Andy broke up. Do you think that marks the end of her career? She’s no longer with her record label … does that mark the end of her career? No, it just means she’ll sign somewhere else. I find it odd that you’re taking joy is what you see as the end of a young girl’s career. Mandy’s not at the end of her career, but she’s not in the tabs, either. She’s doing SOMETHING right. Why all the venom? I’m curious.

  3. atomickitten says:

    That idiot is a Britney fan. Why am I not surprised? Mandy will end up on top when the dust settles. Just watch. She’s got 3 movies coming up this year. REAL MOVIES. Not table scraps like Britney is getting from MTV. She’s also recording a new album with R.E.M. Britney is plain crap.

  4. clayfan says:

    Mandy is an original, a real talent. An EXCELLENT actress. I love your comment about Britney getting “table scraps” — very clever, wish I’d thought of that!! Mandy is such a terrific singer that she was able to record “Coverage” — a FANTASTIC album. She wouldn’t have been given permission from those stellar songwriters if she were a no-talent nobody. Mandy has never done anything to embarrass herself. Mandy is the real deal!! Have a good weekend.

  5. Db says:

    Britney will always be MORE than Mandy will ever be!! Mandy makes sappy music at least Britney’s Music got some cool beats to it! And Britney did a good job in Crossroads I mean I think she could have done better. Britney Got The Power!

  6. doodlez says:

    You know what? Good for Pink. It’s easy to hide behind a tough ass persona, but to actually say that she wants a sweet, non-punk statement role is cool. It shows that she just isn’t all show.

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