Pink Wants Paris Hilton In The Ring

Pink has challenged to an on-stage fight to settle the feud over her ‘Stupid Girls’ video, which mocks the heiress’ infamous sex tape. An insider told the Daily Star, “[Paris] is such a stick insect, I don’t fancy her chances against Pink – she even beat her husband arm wrestling.”

Holds Album Listening Party

March 15, 2006 – ‘The Insider’ gossip correspondent Marc S. Malkin reports that Paris held an impromptu listening party for her upcoming album debut Monday night at Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills during a birthday party for her mom, Kathy. “I’m telling you this album is going to be huge,” one very impressed partygoer reported. “I’m not the biggest Paris fan, but I have to admit I think this is definitely better than someone like Britney Spears.”

Promoting New CD

March 11, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Paris Hilton is promoting her new CD, which won’t be out until June. One of the featured songs is called ‘Screwed’. That’s the name of the song. I think this is the first time the video came out a couple of years before the song.”

Paris Hilton: My Album Will Shock The Skeptics

February 23, 2006 – Star magazine caught up with Paris as the heiress prepares to release her debut album. “People will trash it just because it’s me,” she said, “but once they listen, they’ll be shocked. I know this is good.” The 24-year-old added, “People will never know what I went through to make this CD. I worked really hard to get it right.”

Paris Hilton Enlists Help From Pussycat Dolls Founder

February 21, 2006 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Paris has signed up Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin to be her choreographer as the singer prepares to launch her pop career.

Paris Hilton Proud Of Debut Album

February 15, 2006 – Paris says of her debut album: “It’s hot.” The heiress added, “It’s been a long hard process getting this CD together. I’m really proud of the album. It’s hot.” Hilton tells Star magazine that she wrote a few tracks off the CD. “I’ve written poems, so that helped me with lyrics,” she explained. Still, Hilton is aware of the built-in backlash that will occur with any profession she takes up. “People will trash [the still unnamed album] because it’s me, but once they listen, they’ll be shocked,” she promised. “I know this is good.”

Paris Hilton’s Secret Diaries, Tapes Go On Sale

February 3, 2006 – The New York Daily News reports tabloid media from Britain and the United States are lining up to buy secret diaries, hours of videotape, computers and hundreds of photographs that Paris left in a Los Angeles warehouse. The items were purchased for $2,775 at a public auction in December after Hilton failed to pay rent on her locker. “This individual didn’t even know the stuff belonged to Paris Hilton till after he bought it,” said David Hans Schmidt, a Phoenix-based agent brokering the sale.

Paris Hilton Wants Out Of ‘Simple Life’ Commitment

January 31, 2006 – According to Star magazine, Paris is trying hard to get out of doing another season of ‘The Simple Life’, which is supposed to begin filming February 24th. “Paris [Hilton] is still consulting her lawyers to come up with a last-minute way out,” a source close to the show tells the tabloid. “She wants no part of it. She’s about to launch her first album in a few months, and that’s what she wants to focus on.”

Paris Hilton Taking Singing Lessons After 7 Album Deal

January 30, 2006 – After signing a seven album deal with Warner Records, Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Paris has been taking singing lessons to hone her musical talents. “I’m taking singing lessons,” the heiress said. “When I tour, I’ll have to know how to project my voice night after night.” She added: “I love being a pop star – it’s every little girl’s dream.”

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