Pink Working On Autobiography

tells Neil Sean of Sky News she landed a book deal to tell her life story, and she won’t be relying on a ghostwriter. “I have an explosive story to tell – which will look good on screen as well as in print,” she said. “I plan to do both.” Look for the book by Christmas.

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One thought on “Pink Working On Autobiography

  1. Tom Durham says:

    PINK: From what I have seen recently you have a story that must be told. The various people you have teamed up with and the break-ups, (professionally), must be most interesting.
    My kids grew-up with Chrissy and I was not aware of the connection or how involved the connection was, and would find it extremely interesting to read about and also to see in video form. Knowing some of Chrissy, I can imagine what you went through, and you have established an outstanding carreer.

    Keep it rockin…

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