Pink’s Pal A Pre-Concert Nipple Tweaker

explained her concert warm up routine in an interview with the Daily Star. “Before I go on stage, I have this little ritual I always go though,” the singer explained. “I usually drink a couple of beers and do my make-up… Oh, and I also make my best friend grab my nipples – that gets me good to go.”

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6 thoughts on “Pink’s Pal A Pre-Concert Nipple Tweaker

  1. rangergirl says:

    That’s too much information coming from Pink. If Christina or Britney would have said this, people would call them skanky.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    But Pink cries for attention.

  3. missprissoftheyear says:

    Errr…thanks for that Pink. ROFL.

  4. musicgrrl2021 says:

    That’s way too much information for us to know!

  5. yeahillbethere says:

    hahaha I’m sure Laura doesn’t mind either :p

  6. milasmine says:

    Pink adores Nick Carter…So she is ok in my book.

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