Pixie Lott Feeling A Little Sick In Japan

Pixie Lott

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Tuesday (August 11) while on a promo tour in Japan. The English pop singer writes:

Well I’m doing some promotions in Japan at the moment… I’m very jet-lagged and started off the week feeling a little sick and caught a little cough (the Japanese wear like a mask over their faces if they’re ill out of politeness, maybe I should do that? I’d defo look a bit scary) but I have some antibiotics from the doctor and am feelin much betta :). The toilets here are so funny – they’re heated and have like a spray system to give you a spritz and a flushing noise button like a fake flush before u flush… I tried one out (just to hear the sound haha) but it sounds so fake everyone would know ur using it!! haha but yeah everyone here is so nice and polite and the sushi is delish…

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