Pixie Lott Prepping For ‘Mama Do’ Video

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Sunday (March 22), talking about the filming of her ‘Mama Do’ music video. The Essex, England pop singer writes:

Just for a little bit of update.. I’ve been pretty dang busy recently band rehearsing and doing different bits and bobs, but mainly prepping for the shoot of my video on Tuesday! HOW EXCITING HEY I’ve had my fittings.. I love the outfits can’t wait for you all to see them.. I had my 1st choreography rehearsal on Saturday to learn the routine and meet all the dancers. They are all wicked! and the routine is fab it involves a lot of leg and hand slapping so my legs are a little bruised and sore haha no pain no game though as they say! or is it no pain no gain… either one will work haha

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