Playstation 2 And Guy Oseary VMA After Party Photos

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Branch, and Paulina Rubio were among the stars on hand for the Playstation 2 and Guy Oseary Video Music Awards after party on Thursday (August 28) at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and WireImage.

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4 thoughts on “Playstation 2 And Guy Oseary VMA After Party Photos

  1. rachel says:

    okay Christina’s body is banging but she is too tan. White girl shouldn’t be as dark as that, I mean she doesn’t need to be white white but just mediocre.

  2. jimmypee says:

    her tan was perfect. her appearance was perfect that whole night.

  3. BringMeToLifee says:

    OH god! She is looks so bad like a drag queen. Also looks like she has been cooked.. Yuck, she so ugly. Scarey… mommy, I’m going to have nightmares for real. She is like very very ugly and very very scary.

  4. Catarina Rodrigues says:

    For professional issues, I am a long time trying to find e-mail, address, phone number, etc, so as to contact with GUY OSEARY.
    Please can you help me?
    Is very important!!!
    Thank you,

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