Please Stop Christina Aguilera Vs. Britney Spears Essays

Contributed anonymously:

Hello. I know this is kind of like an essay but I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me on this one.

People have been typing essays about and Britney Spears a lot. Like the one that said Christina isn’t a slut, Britney is. By the way that person was anonymous and had said that it wasn’t right to call Christina a slut yet he/she does the exact thing to Britney.

Neither girls are innocent! So stop trying to prove it.

Everybody here is entitled to their own opinions, but these people, at least give us your name!

It’s not fair to the true popdirt fans that come here everyday for news to see all these essays. We all know certain people like Britney others like Christina.

So just please do us all a favor and don’t write any stupid essays about who’s better, who sleeps with who, etc.

Just come to the site for news, don’t write these stupid essays because they really give the visitors that don’t like them a reason not to come back everyday because we have to look forward to senseless and useless essays. Thank you!

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