Police To Question Debbie Rowe About Jacko’s Kids

The People reports is terrified he may lose his kids as a result of his child molestation allegations. As part of the police investigation, Debbie Rowe, mother of the two older children and Jacko’s ex-wife, will be asked by cops for proof that he is the biological father. “It is very important to discover the basis in which Jackson came to be the legal guardian of these children,” a police source revealed. “She will be asked about details of their sex life, if one ever existed. If the kids are not his it will disclose the mind-set of a man who is desperate to obtain children over whom he has sole charge. The whole basis of the dealings between Jackson and Debbie Rowe is a key line of inquiry.”

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5 thoughts on “Police To Question Debbie Rowe About Jacko’s Kids

  1. rachell says:

    That money hungry slut is going to defend that pedophile because all of the money he paid her for those kids.

  2. crunkchig says:

    but according to Britney, “all he needs is a friend right now.” lol

  3. rachel says:

    And Queenlambflops is a pathetic 40 year old hermaphrodite who had to change her name to be like 19 year old me. Give it up , you are too old to be obsessed with a young girl like me, I hope the FBI arrests your ass.

  4. tazzsgirl says:

    What does she know about his kids.She is not allowed to be in their lives.Great mothering skills sold them faster then a pig on crap.

  5. Jean-Paul B OURGEAU says:

    I am surprised that a simple ADN examination of Michael, the father, Debbie Rowe the mother and the 3 children Prince, Paris and Blanket has never been made. It is still possible…

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