Polly Scattergood Writes A Song

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pollyscattergood) on Monday (April 26), discussing a song she wrote the previous night and the positive feedback she’s received for her cover of ‘New York, New York’ for the video game ‘Crysis 2’. Polly writes:

I wrote a song last night, very few songs have been coming out of my flat in the attic recently, for this new album I have written it everywhere except home… Berlin, little dolls house cottages, houses in the middle of nowhere,rooms at the center of everything… but last night I wrote a song at my own piano, in my home, it was quite a cathartic experience.

It took longer that usual, I pressed delete a few to many times, but then carried on. My friend Tom (who directed all the Pollyworld films) has been in Berlin buying a typewriter to type his new book on…

I like the idea of a typewriter having no delete button, it’s the mistakes that make art human, like brushes on canvas and ink on paper. I so often find imperfections far more interesting than perfectly finished creations.

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