Pop Artists On 100 Best Selling Albums List

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MJNI.com has posted a list of the top 100 best selling albums of all time. tops the list with his 1983 album, ‘Thriller,’ with over 54 million copies sold. The Beatles have the most albums on the list with six, followed by Michael Jackson and with five each. Read on for a list of positions filled by pop artists.

1. Michael Jackson – Thriller (1983)
13. Backstreet Boys – Millennium (1999)
14. Celine Dion – Let’s Talk About Love (1997)
16. Celine Dion – Falling Into You (1996)
19. Mariah Carey – Music Box (1993)
21. Michael Jackson – Bad (1987)
23. Michael Jackson – Dangerous (1991)
27. Backstreet Boys – Backstreet Boys (1998)
31. Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time (1999)
33. Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston (1985)
34. Madonna – The Immaculate Collection (1990)
39. Mariah Carey – Daydream (1995)
41. Madonna – True Blue (1986)
47. Madonna – Like a Virgin (1984)
49. Ricky Martin – Ricky Martin (1999)
52. Britney Spears – Oops! I Did It Again (2000)
53. Whitney Houston – Whitney (1987)
60. Celine Dion – A Decade of Song (1999)
66. Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey (1990)
70. Michael Jackson – History (1995)
73. NSYNC – No Strings Attached (2000)
77. Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (1979)
78. Janet Jackson – Janet (1993)
79. Mariah Carey – Butterfly (1997)
81. Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas (1994)
98. Celine Dion – The Colour of My Love (1994)
100. Madonna – Ray of Light (1998)

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11 thoughts on “Pop Artists On 100 Best Selling Albums List

  1. elgato says:

    BSB kicked Nsync’s gay little a:s:s:e:s!!!!!!! of course

  2. Stallion says:

    ^Just come out of the closet everybody knows you’re gay

    Funny if the Backstreet Boys release an album it would be another flop like NON because most of their fans have grown up and listen to real music.

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    That’s really cool, most of those albums are great sellers and really just great music, well others are on there because nowadays people don’t know what music is about and are all about looks.

    Are you guys really fighting over which boyband is better? Queers!!!! lol just kidding guys.’, ‘Nsync is better though. by far.

  4. FADE_awayx says:

    what does that have to do with anything? your just jealous Nsync is 73. haha.

  5. elgato says:

    FYI: BSB’s last record B&B sold 9 million copies. Nsync’s last record Celebrity sold 5 million copies. So if you wanna talk about flops…

    and Justin’s sales all came from the fact that he dated Britney Spears and then sold her out. but Britney cheated on him because he obviously doesn’t know how to please a woman.

  6. shadybaby says:

    everybody is just talking about Nstink and the backside boys shut the ***** up they already broke off so elgato just let it so.How come people don’t talk about the REAL talent here?like MJ and Madonna and Mariah and Whitney they are true artists because they are in the top of the list and have been around longer than those stupid ass booty ***** boy bands face it,and elgato,sorry but a queer guy liking the Backstreet Boys is kinda old news their probably have failing careers and pose for playgirl and have gay guys*elgato* looking atthem.

  7. babet says:

    MJ….MADONNA…..JANET……CELINE……….I’m in aw. they are the most talented people on that chart. and I think the only reason BSB and Britney are on that chart is because people bought their cd’s to use as toilet paper. that’s the only explanation.

  8. Miller21 says:

    Ah hah Christina dirrty’s not going to comment on this because her beloved Christina isn’t on it because no one likes her music…too bad

  9. FaustoAguilera says:

    HAHAHAH!!! Looks like Slutina doesn’t have one single best selling album on the list! Gee I thought you all said she was popular? haha Stupid Slutina fans are delusional. This will most likely cause her label to drop her like I heard they were going to. Stripped=Flop; My Kind of Christmas=FLOP; Mi Reflejo=FLOP; and Christina Aguilera=FLOP! That’s for albums that flopped so bye bye SLutina!

  10. viv says:

    yeah NSYNC made the list… though they’re the one act that kinda looks out of place haha

  11. Dominique says:

    Nice work but where are the bangers at?

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