‘Pop Idol’ Dozen Aren’t Worthy

Now that the second season of ‘Pop Idol’ has been completed, judge Simon Cowell has blasted all of the finalists, claiming all would have been pop rejects were it not for the show. “If any of the youngsters walked into my office with a demo I’d say you’ve got a problem,” he told The People. “It’s almost impossible to launch a solo artist unless they’ve been in a group or done something like Pop Idol. Without that their chances are slim.” He added, “I don’t think we’ll be signing three of the final artists this year. We’ll concentrate on the winner and make a decision in the next few weeks.”

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2 thoughts on “‘Pop Idol’ Dozen Aren’t Worthy

  1. getalifeyall says:

    What do you expect? The only real talent is in America… like Simon says

  2. jel says:

    Ooooh, you are going to make a lot of enemies with that comment.

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