Pop Invasion Part 2?

Contributed by Potpot:

Exactly 5 years ago, ‘Baby One More Time’ by entered the mainstream U.S. radio airplay. From then on, the bubblegum pop era, waiting for resurection since the early 80s, started to balloon and swallow the whole music industry, with such names as Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and Christina Aguilera… and the rest was history.

However, at the turn of the century, bubblegum pop seemed to have reached its peak and started to explode. Critics have branded 2001 as the Year the Bubble of Pop Exploded. True enough, mainstream radio tilted to the more urban, hip-hop, r&b tunes, brought about by J.Lo, Murder Inc., Eminem, Nelly, and just lately, 50 Cent and Beyonce.

Nonetheless, many observers in the music scene have noted the significant rise in pop/rock/alternative radio songs entering mainstream top 40. Factually speaking, almost half of the songs in Billboard 100 this week are pop/rock/alternative songs. This seems to balance the other half represented by the more urban/hip-hop/r&b tunes. Modern pop or 2003 pop seemed to find way through the likes of Hilary Duff, Fountains of Wayne, Clay Aiken, Stacie Orrico, and oldies like and Christina Aguilera. This resurgence, according to some was opened by that pop-rock phenomenon of late 2002 named Avril Lavigne.

Whether pop is really making a comeback, only time can tell. Sooner or later, we will know the answer as more and more pop tunes balance the music spectrum in 2004.

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9 thoughts on “Pop Invasion Part 2?

  1. AvrilRocks says:

    ROCK ON AVRIL yeah Avril is pop/rock and she knows it. id call a virgin who poses in her underwear on a bed at 17 a poser. id call rappers who rent in 9 cars to show off at ‘cribs’ a poser. id call Avril real for being herself for 2 years now, and sticking up for herself when she needed to..ie telling her POSER fans to get a life. I understand that those are haters now. let go has sold 15 mill now. id wouldn’t call that a one hit wonder.

  2. Jive says:

    Well, it looks like pop is going down in America, but not in foreign nations. There haven’t been a pop act in the top 10 of the Billboard 100 for months and sales haven’t been the same. Only Asia and Europe seems to be still interested in our pop acts and our the only ones who actually buy the album, not download. But the new, “POP” acts are not as exciting and interesting as Britney, Christina, Nsync, and Backstreet Boys and will never replace their influence they had a long time ago. But 2004 will be a good year for pop since Nsync will be recording their album, Backstreet Boys will be back, Britney Spears will be releasing more singles, and Christina Aguilera will be, well will see.

  3. jtluvak8 says:

    Um, then why the hell are you on popdirt.com if you don’t like pop?

  4. Hotstar says:

    At least this person was smart enough in his/her essay to refer to AVRIL Lavigne as a pop-rock act and not a rock or even worse a punk singer. Some Avril fans on popdirt seem to think that Avril is not pop, which is total bullsh**. Avril is as much pop as Brit or Christina or the American Idol people.

    She isn’t a 1 hit wonder but just like Alanis she will fall out of the spotlight soon’, ‘ Avril’s CD has sold good but unfortunately it is obvious she was riding a short term fad in pop music that will soon be over, anyone who thinks she stay as famous as she is now is crazy. Avril doesn’t have the personality or image of Christina or Brit to keep her in the public eye or headlines once her sales have peaked. Just like Alanis, Britney, Xtina, etc. her sales will decline after her debut but unlike the last two she won’t grab much press to her music in the mainstream. Either way she sucks….so good bye!

  5. EveryoneSucks says:

    pop is out. that’s why Slutney is out, because she’s still going through her identity crisis of whether she’s an r&b singer, a pop singer, or a rapper. obviously 4 albums hasn’t proved to her yet that she ain’t talented. but why must we be bothered with more bubblegum like pop anyways?

  6. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    I think bands like simple pland and good charolette are pop! I mean they want to say they are punk and rock but they just aren’t. I also think pop will always be in the music industry because so many people listen to it and love it. I know I do!

  7. XTremeKaos says:

    Please. Britney Spears came out 2 years after pop was the phenomenon it was. The pop trend started with the Backstreet Boys, Hanson, and the Spice Girls. Now BsB are the only ones still standing among those 3, and then Britney came shortly after that and then *N Sync, then Christina….and then all the other people who haven’t really made a name for themselves. BsB, *N Sync, Britney, and Christina are the other artists that are still around that still garner a heavy response for the public. Britney has definitely impacted pop but to say she started it is ridiculous.

  8. youhavenoidea says:

    There’s nothing wrong with pop. There’s nothing wrong with admitting to like pop. There’s nothing wrong with being a pop singer. What is f**king pathetic is when obvious pop singer try and pretend they are “real” and not manufactured. It’s a load of crap, and people would have more respect for them if they just said they make pop music and they’re not ashamed of it. See Avril, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan etc. If 12 year old girls are the main buyers of your music…you’re pop…deal with it.

  9. XTremeKaos says:

    I was judging by U.S. success and not world success, because if you judge that way then you have to say the Backstreet Boys ushered in the entire trend. They had started in 1995 overseas before any of the other pop artists. But with Britney and *N Sync I don’t know much of there history except in relation to BsB, because I am not a fan of their’s.

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