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Okay, I get that a lot of you do not like opinions, well this is a pure opinion so if you are one of these people then don’t bother reading it, because you won’t enjoy it. That said I just have a thought. With Britney Spear’s wedding we have witnessed some of the worst comments against her, and then in retaliation some of the worst comments against Christina Aguilera. Of course, if you venture into other parts of this site you can notice the anger of Backstreet fan vs. the fan and vice versa and random hate spewed in the direction of Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and many more.

Well I just have to wonder where all this anger comes from (obviously we all have stars that we can’t stand for one reason or another, and when someone insults the stars that we do like it gets us justifiably mad) but what I mean is we all have one thing in common on this site, and that is that we enjoy music and definitely enjoy pop music (if this does not apply to you then I certainly do not know why you are here). Now, I am an occasional fan of rap, classical, RnB, rock etc. but I enjoy pop music for the simple fact that whatever singer it comes from, in whichever form it comes in it is usually uplifting, it makes you happy, it is something that you can enjoy to temporarily lift the stress of the world around us (globally, politically as well as individually)…..Personally I find that many other forms of music tend to promote hate and anger (especially rap and rock – although with good beats and true words they can be quite pleasurable), while pop relaxes, inspires or just plain makes you smile.

Does it really matter what form it comes in? Whether its cute punk from Avril, sugary sweet from Mandy or Jessica, edgy from Christina, sexy from Britney, etc. I mean if you look at real problems (like the recent earthquake in Bam, Iran or plane crash off the coast of Egypt) does it REALLY matter if an artist sells sex or has a bad voice or dresses horribly….is it honestly so hard for you to just let people express their appreciation of an artist even if you don’t like them.

I know people are going to respond by saying things like “what are you trying to do?! Promote peace?!” so to answer your question in advance : No, I’m not. People disagree, and that is normal and healthy and the entire point of a forum, I would just like to know why so many people on this site feel the need to bash others for their taste in music? And why do those people care so much? It’s not a rhetorical question, I would really like to know.

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