Pop Losing Its Fizz?

In a world dominated by the Hip-Hop/Rap music, is pop going last? With more and more pop artist changing their image to gain more fans. But is it working? Some Popstars tried it and it hasn’t work, such as with ‘Tilt Your Head Back’.

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s Pop dominated the charts and it wasn’t common for a Pop artist to reach No. 1, but now it is rare. , Christina Aguilera, Madonna and many other artist reached No. 1 in America. Today is more bout the Hip Hop and Rap. 50 cent and other artist reach No. 1 and the song isn’t really good , but it reaches No. 1!!!

Pop is dying and there is nothing we can do unless POP artists release new Pop music which is really good and appeals to all people. If they don’t the genre that ruled the charts will no longer exist…

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