Pop Princess Prefers Watching Lesbian Sex

A blind item in Billy Masters’ Filth2go.com report asks, “Could it be that a certain pretty pop princess is investigating her Sapphic tendencies off stage as well as on? So say my sources in the dirty girl’s entourage who tell me that her first order of business when hitting a new city is finding the hot gay spots where the beautiful people hang out. Although she knows better than most what a girl wants, she prefers watching rather than actually participating. Sometimes she watches in person, but more often than not she has an assistant surreptitiously video tape these encounters. After all, the last thing she’d wanna be is obvious.”

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11 thoughts on “Pop Princess Prefers Watching Lesbian Sex

  1. Carrie says:

    This is a given – it’s X-tina. So she likes to watch, big deal, and so If she’s bi. Look at the gorgeous Angelina Jolie.

  2. Stallion says:

    Hey I love watching Lesbian Sex. There is nothing wrong with that. If watching lesbian sex make you a bad person than I guess you can start calling me Mr. Bad

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    I think its Christina, it might be Pink though, oh well so what, they like dyke porn, nothing wrong with that I guess.

  4. rachel says:

    Well “what a girl wants” is a given, its tina. That girl is so crazy, she should go on with her bad self!

  5. Julie816 says:

    Christina is a sick person to watch in person, and finding gay spot to watch that’s just sick. She needs therapy for the nympho behaviors and eating disorder.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    yo all….i highly doubt this is true, so don’t sweat it….. but the clues point to Christina!

  7. JuniorGirl04 says:

    It is Christina, it is true…so what? There’s nothing wrong with being curious, bisexual or a lesbian.

    So you wouldn’t like her if she was a lesbian/bisexual? She’s never made it any secret that she finds women incredibly sexy…and there have been several reports of her doing things just like this…it’s no big deal.

    The hints are all there: The dirty girl who knows what she wants…it must be obvious…all song titles of Christina’s. Don’t feel bad, Brit is probably a closet lesbo too. (kidding)

  8. ballersfantasy says:

    Gotta be Xtina. I was reading something and they were talking about how she went to some gay bars with video director David Lachepelle. (however you spell it : ) )

  9. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    but Britney has a thing for Jenna Jameson….an adult film star..

  10. RainWater says:

    This is so funny. They’re definitely hinting at Christina with that “what a girl wants” and “dirty girl” remark.

  11. kmills485 says:

    This is so obviously about X-tina! All the following words in the post are her songs: “Dirrty,” “beautiful,” “what a girl wants,” and “obvious.” Whether it’s true or not, this guy is trying to make it REALLY “obvious” who he is talking about. Whatever, I like the girl for her voice, not her possible sexual orientation…

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