Pop Princesses Outlasting Their 15 Minutes

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On the heels of the rise of the boy band, 1999 saw the emergence of the so-called “Pop Princesses”; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mandy Moore. This was the year of the teen-pop explosion. Five years later, they are still going strong, outlasting their 15 minutes of fame.

The most popular, Britney exploded with the hit “Baby One More Time”. She regularly makes headlines, more notably for her personal life, rather than anything musical.

Although her albums do well, she can barely sing. She lip-synchs 99% of the time. Britney has stuck to the same formula that has made her a star, bubblegum pop.

While her music has shown little growth, she now portrays a more mature image, which just means the shedding of her clothes.

She displayed her acting chops, or lack thereof, in “Crossroads”. So far, she has spared us from more big screen atrocities.

Christina Aguilera

After first appearing on the “Mulan” soundtrack, Christina rose to fame with the release of her second single “Genie In A Bottle”.

Tired of being compared to Britney, she shed her bubblegum image with the release of “Stripped”.

Christina is very talented once you get past the “Dirrty” image. She can belt like the best of them, Celine, Mariah and Whitney.

Jessica did not make the “Mickey Mouse Club”, but this did not stop her. She rose to fame with the soaring ballad “I Wanna Love You Forever”.

Her sophomore album, “Irresistible”, was an attempt to follow the style of Britney and Christina.

However, on her third album, “In This Skin”, she reverted to her former style.

A great singer, Jessica’s shortcoming is her mediocre material.

Thanks to her newfound ditzy image, she has gained a large boost in popularity.

Mandy Moore

The youngest of the bunch, Mandy rose to fame with the hit “Candy”. This girl did not stick to the formula. Rather than strip off her clothes for attention, Mandy gained fans by making edgy music and starring in offbeat films.

While her debut album was pure bubblegum, her follow-up albums showed much growth.

Her sophomore release “I Wanna Be With You” contained better material.

However, it was her eponymous third album, released in 2001, that really distinguished her. More rock oriented than pop, it heralded the change in music that yielded the current pop-rock trend. This was a year before Avril emerged.

Her fourth album, “Coverage”, features covers of lesser-known classics. Acclaimed as one of the best covers albums ever, Mandy chose the less popular and more obscure songs of artists.

Her pop-rock music now is a far cry from her teenybopper debut “So Real”.

Mandy is one of the few musicians to make a flawless transition from music to movies. She appears to be very choosy about her roles. Her choice of films is not your typical fare. Mandy has even garnered Oscar buzz for her latest role in “Saved!”.

All these artists have managed to find their own niches. However, while Christina, Jessica and Mandy have proven to be great singers and have enjoyed musical growth, Britney has not.

Who would have thought all of them would stick around, until now at least?

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